Artist in Residence EEPS

This project funding the 2015 residency at Elizabeth East Primary School (EEPS) is called CEP AIR (Creative education partnerships: artist in residence). It is a joint project with Ausdance S.A., and Elizabeth East Primary School. The work with the students is based on the new Arts Australian Curriculum

This residency supports the whole school adoption of Habits of Mind, through Dance, and provides an authentic and collaborative implementation of the new arts Australian Curriculum. Billie engages all students (R-7) and staff, throughout the year, as collaborators with an equal hand in the creation of high level artistic outcomes.

Alongside the students learning of the Arts through a dance focus, Billie is equipping EEPS teachers with the skills to continue this Arts rich teaching and learning beyond 2015. All round this is an opportunity for everyone involved; students, teachers, staff, Billie and the broader school community including families, to enjoy the Arts and how they can enrich our lives.

The students and Billie have been immersed in Arts rich learning through dance. Learning about Geometry (shapes in groups and using the body to make different shapes), Maths (counting and rhythm) and Literacy (stories through dance).