Continual Unfolding of Now

The Continual Unfolding Of Now is about making space between the distraction of past and future. A timeless place to stand in the doorway, to contemplate and reflect before moving on again. Finding the key, your own key. Drawn from the stories and experiences that make up who we are, what we dream to achieve and how we make choices to move forward.


'Continual Unfolding of Now' from billie cook on Vimeo.

Performed at the Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
Director: Billie Cook
Dancers: Restless Dance Theatre
Composers: Phil Noak and Catherine Oates
Design: Gaelle Mellis
Lighting: design Geoff Cobbam
Filmed by Closer Productions
Web Edit: Krystle Penhall
Photography: Chris Herzfeld

Continual Unfolding of Now awarded 'Best All Round Effort in the Oscarts Awards, 2006'
~ Adelaide Advertiser