Flinders University

Under the theme ‘healing through community arts’ and as part of the Disability and Social Inclusion program at Flinders University, Billie has been working in dance with participants from East Timor. Participants with vision impairment or physical disability joined Billie in dance to gain skills to take back home and share with their community in East Timor. While here in Adelaide, participants will be developing skills in music, dance and visual art. 

Dance and Movement - Billie Cook 
Drumming and percussion - Heather Frahn and Marie Therase McInerney 
Songwriting/Lyrics and Poetry - Heather Frahn and Dave Chappel 
Visual Arts - Helen Crawford Leisure Arts and Disability Department Flinders University –Caroline Ellison

“Today I realised I can also Dance!” Spoken by a blind participant from East Timor who usually plays music.

“Art is Universal” workshop participants from East Timor