Movement Landscape Architecture Performance

Billie and landscape architecture firm ‘Taylor Cullity Lethlean’ in creative partnership, continue to discuss projects in areas undergoing a transition from industrial use to contemporary urban development. These projects act as a link between the rich history of an area and its future development, planning for the future and honouring the past.

By mapping the movement of the past, we build upon the history of the site and the lives of its past inhabitants, community involvement and artistic expression in transitional change.  Documenting architecture with the medium of movement, re discovering hidden stories, and film documentary come together for this performance work with professional dance artists and the surrounding community.

‘These spaces,
This industrial interior,
Remnants of the industrial age,  
The labour force,  
People came here and took their wages home,  
But they also fell in love here,  
Fell out of love here,  
Had friendships, had good times,  
had accidents, retired and were fired.’

Artistic director Billie Cook
Landscape Architecture firm Taylor Cullity Lethlean

Images courtesy of Design Ethic...