Mad For Light Square Gallery

October 29th - November 19th, 2015

Routine. Rhythm. Rules. Repetition.
Here and Now. Time and balance. 
Fleeting moments, intimacy. Family dynamics, relationships. Child psychology and the ‘Circle of Security’. The real and the imagined. 
Tenderness & Play. Frustration & Compromise. Humour. Irony.
Demands, changes, to the physical body.

In a wide range of mediums, eight artists respond to personal experiences of motherhood. Its deep significance. Its influence on art-practice, and the places where motherhood and art-hood meet.

Mad For is an exhibition at Light Square Gallery with artists Billie Cook, Aurelia Carbone, Laura Wills, Alice Potter, Shelly Smith, Eleanor Zecchin, Fran Callen, Leanne Marshall.

Billie presents two findings of a study in movement from 0-5 years.

Billie and Violet (18 months) ‘World of mindscapes’ 
Over 2 weeks Billie and Violet will be artists in residence in the gallery space. Billie and Violet will explore ways to share, play and explore movement in front of a live audience. Explored from the baby perspective and how Billie explores dance whilst in the company of a baby.

"Explorations of body intelligence were complimented by the louder energy of Billie A. Cook"
~ Tony Osborne, Real Time, Perth

*   *   *

Below: ‘Crazy’ Movement study 0-5 solo performance Choreographer Odin 5 years old. 
Dancer Billie Cook 41 years old. This solo is a result of a movement study of the age 0-5 years old.

*  *  *

Above: Movement Study 0-5 years. Presented as part of the 'Mad For' exhibition 
at Light Square Gallery, Adelaide. Artist Billie Cook.

Above: Billie and Odin (5 years) ‘World of Stories’
‘Crazy’ A solo performance. A 5 year old’s choreography on a 41 year old dancer’s body.