Mute :: Stark :: Rich

Mute Stark Rich from Sam Oster on Vimeo.

Mute : Stark : Rich is a screen dance project created as a dance film mentorship.
Dance artists, Felecia Hick, Sarah Cartwright and Billie Cook, photographic artist Sam Oster, and dance film mentor from Sydney Sue Healey.

Funded by Arts SA to produce a first-stage development of a screen dance piece.
This 3-minute film was a collaboration based loosely on the text ‘Chroma’ by Derek Jarman.

Choreographed by Felecia Hick, performed by Billie cook and Sarah Cartwright, and filmed by Sam Oster. A collaborative edit supported by The Cutting Room.

Film Exercises
A series of short film outcomes from the first stage development.

Billie Cook

Felecia Hick

Time Lapse 1

Time Lapse 2