Precious Angels

DVFM (Dance, Visual Art, Film, Music), was a multi art project with Carlew Youth Arts and the lower Murray Nunga club.  An all girls project, participants explored workshops in dance, music, film and design.

Held over 8 weeks, participants attended weekly sessions which finished with a weekend intensive, film launch and presentation.

Investigating the theme of ‘Precious’ or ‘What one holds precious’, participants created the project from the ground up, from taking their own photographic images to filming time lapse stop motion film, designing their own precious installation to writing lyrics and recording their own music culminating in a short film outcome.

Artistic Director: Billie Cook
Project Manager: Helen Bock
Photo Media Artist: Sam Oster
Designer: Morag Cook
Musicians: Heather Frahn and Naomi Hick
Film and Editing: Ashlee Paige
Lower Murray Nunga Club: Danielle Lovegrove and Rosie
Elder: Aunty Eileen